Providing the best medical felt products Dehkord Felt

Dehkord Felt provides functional felt products for therapeutic use and has medical properties, such as belts, felt mattresses, sweat pads for car seats and office chairs, knee braces and leg braces, felt vests.

Providing the best felt carpet

We have used creativity, art and experience and have used the latest techniques and design methods to provide a suitable platform for presenting the best roles in the domestic and foreign markets and make Iranian felt an ornament for every tailor.

Production of organic products

Production of organic products
The wool used to produce felt is long fiber sheep wool. The production of Dehkord felt products is done by the traditional method of financial felt and using the best masters.

Export unit

Being present with several years of brilliant experience in the global and successful markets of Iranian felt is a valuable experience that expands that goal and that goal can be found. Attending national and international exhibitions is one of the activities of this unit to achieve this goal.

Inside sales unit

Dehkord Felt has a strong distribution network, including felt stores, dealers, and various wholesalers. In a country where felt is part of culture, we try to protect the good name of Iranian felt.

Supplying the best quality

The modern technology of the world, the best raw materials and capable human resources are the three pillars of dynamism and progress, which we have tried to make a special place in the supply of traditional felt by relying on the production of high-quality natural medical products.

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